Friday, 27 February 2009

Burns in Barassie

The Twa Dugs entertain

The bard and I travelled to Barassie Primary today in Troon where over 100 young people and staff enthusiastically listened to the show. Sadly the arrival of lunch-time meant we had no time for the usual question and answer session but the pupils were very knowledgeable, being able to list a fair number of poems and songs and joining in with the singing where they could. They have also been using the teachertube videos which is great! Perhaps they might leave some comments there, and/or on here?

About 120 keen listeners!

The local Press also turned up and took some good looking photos so hopefully the school (and the show) will get some good publicity. It is a brand new school and looks really splendid - the pupils were well behaved and hopefully are now a little wiser about Rob Mossgiel. Lastly a big thanks to Mrs Bell for the photos.

The 'Bard' in full flow

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Burns in Perth

The show made it to the fair city of Perth last night, where an enthusiastic crowd of 60 plus turned out to the prestigious venue of the Salutation Hotel. The show was hosted by Perth Burns Club and they were delighted to see many visitors along especially for the evening. Although the Club normally ends at 9.30, the members were so enthralled with the story we continued until after 10pm finishing with the traditional Auld Lang Syne but, as always with the show, to the original tune Burns intended rather than the one currently in use today. My thanks to Donald and Arthur for organising the chance for me to attend.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Burns for Dalgety Bay Folk Club

Last weekend the show went back to Aberdour - but to the Woodside Hotel this time - to guest for Dalgety Bay Folk Club. I delivered the full show at 2 x 1 1/4 hours and received a good response with many positive comments after. Colin Hay - the organiser - pointed out that the club wanted the show as their contribution to the year of the Homecoming - an excellent sentiment with which I concur and hope that other similar clubs may see likewise. He added that he found the show not only very entertaining but also very informative and that he had learnt much about Burns during the evening. A big thanks from me to Colin and his team for inviting me to Aberdour.