Saturday, 29 August 2009

Burns in Irvine

The Bard and I were in Irvine recently at the invitation of the Irvine Lassies Burns Club to help them celebrate the Homecoming year. When last there, Burns had an illuminating experience as the workshop he was using for flax dressing burnt down at New Year!

The Bard & the club piano - a story in itself!

What a fantastic night we had in the music room of "Wellwood" - the club house for the prestigious Irvine Burns Clubs. There is so much history in that club it would need a whole day to view all the artefacts alone. More information can be read here on the club website

We had a full house of 70 plus who sung their hearts out and seemed to thoroughly enjoy my interpretation of the Bard's story.

One of the stain glass windows in the club

The ladies put on a splendid spread at half time and the whole night flew by. We finished off with a small gathering into the small hours, at the house of Margaret & Davie Cook , who also accommodated Fiona and I. A HUGE thanks to them for their very warm hospitality.