Thursday, 4 February 2010

Burns in Helensburgh

The Bard and I braved the snow and freezing fog today en route to visiting Lomond School in Helensburgh, in the West of Scotland. This proved to be a modern building and a keen group of pupils, some of whom had learned more than one poem or two.... They also had some splendid paintings of the Bard around the hall as can be seen here...
They were happy to join in the singing and we even had a soloist who performed a lovely version of Ae Fond Kiss, to the delight of her classmates.
Another student was happy to recite To a Louse, after I explained about Lunardi, showing they are taking the Bard's works seriously. At the end I was given a warm, spontaneous and prolonged round of applause which was gratefully received!

A special thanks to the two soloists and to the teacher who took the photos.