Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Burns and the Ulster Scots: Aughnacloy

The second night of the mini-tour was near Aughnacloy. This time for a wonderful little community, many of whom are farmers. A big thanks to Bertie Graham for setting this up and showing me his farm up on the hill.

The support this time was provided by the local Pipe Band who put on a creditable show, and also some local Country Dancers, who even let RB join them for a Virginia Reel! Then an audience of some 70 or so, listened to the Bard's tale. We had a great evening and stayed on quite late....with all the crowd remaining to the end - always a good sign! A HUGE thanks to Lorana who put me up for the night.
Willie Wastle's wife woos the crowd

.....and that was it.....the second of our fleeting visits to NI.......a superb time, in lovely weather...and hopefully one we can repeat another time.

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