Sunday, 26 July 2009

Burns in Dumfries

Some of the audience with the 'Bard' in the Howff Club room

The Bard and I were delighted to return to Dumfries this weekend as guests of the Howff Burns club. The show which was originally planned for the Theatre was rescheduled into the Club room in the Globe Inn due to small numbers. This was a double edge sword....unfortunate because the numbers were small but exciting in that it meant the show would take place in the very building Burns frequented.
Rantin Rovin Robin

However, those that were there had a great time and joined in the songs with much enthusiasm. A special mention to the lady from Australia who found her way to join us. It was a long way to come for a gig but hopefully worth the trip!

As an additional bonus I got to sleep in the room RB shared with Anna Park - how cool is that?! (A big thanks to Jane, Manager in the Globe, for making that happen).

The Burns Room in the Globe Inn - the room RB used to meet Anna Park

Of course the love song Burns wrote for Anna - Yestre'en I had a Pint o Wine - went down very well and it was quite an emotional event singing it in the very place where it all happened! Thanks to the Howff Club members who showed up to support the show - and for their fine hospitality.

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