Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Burns in Caskieberran - Glenrothes

To a Mouse

The 'Bard' and I went to Glenrothes recently to deliver a short show to a very enthusiastic and well behaved group of 70 plus staff and pupils.

Excellent paintings of Rob and his poems

The youngsters have been working on the 'Year of the Homecoming' with a recent ceilidh, at which I was also delighted to play, as well as lots of work on Robert Burns. The art work behind the stage is superb as can be seen from some of the photos.

The Twa Dugs

Many of the songs were new to them but they had a try at joining in anyway. As usual a superb audience who have hopefully learnt some more about our Bard. There was the usual Q & A session at the end which brought some enthusiastic questions from the floor. An especial 'well done' to the young lady who bravely stood up and delivered a word-perfect version of 'Willie Wastle' - bravo!

Auld Lang Syne to finish off another show

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