Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Burns in Abernethy...again!

The Bard and I were delighted to return to the village of Abernethy. This time to visit the primary school.
P6 & 7 were an attentive audience in this new (2002) school.
The Twa Dugs steal the show (again)
Although needing some prompting to join in the singing(!) their knowledge of some of Burns work was not bad at all: especially Tam O Shanter, the story of which they managed to tell me in detail.
Auld Lang Syne with enthusiasm!
A big thanks to Ian and Abernethy Burns Club for sponsoring this event and also for taking the photos....


keltickev said...

Mrs Robertson comments......

Thank you so much for the performance you gave. The children thoroughly enjoyed it, in particular they learned interesting facts about Burns as a person. They also enjoyed the poems and were keen to hear the story behind each poem. It has enthused them to look at more of Burns' work.

Unknown said...

Children enjoyed show.
Recitations and information were excellent.
A lot to take in for children, so suitable for P6 and P7, but it was very good.
CfE - gave depth to Scottish study on Burns life and work.

Thank you

Elaine Murray
P7 Teacher