Friday, 4 December 2009

Burns in Wormit

Wormit Primary: P6 & 7

The Bard and I were delighted to visit the charming village of Wormit in Fife, today.

With a delightful view over the River Tay, this school seems a wonderful place to learn. The children were very well behaved and the staff very friendly. We spent a very pleasant hour and a half talking about Scotland's Bard. The youngsters - from P6 & 7 - proved quite knowledgable and very enthusiastic. They also sang well and scored a 7/10 on my totally arbitary scale.

Moosey proves a hit did the Twa Dugs and even the cuddly louse!
The cup of coffee after was very welcome too.....and a huge thanks to the teacher who took the photos for me.

Auld Lang Syne

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keltickev said...

Janice Paterson
Principal Teacher
Wormit Primary School says......

It was a fantastic experience. The children really enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to studying Burns in depth next term. Being in costume and having props made it a most entertaining event and your knowledge and understanding of Robert Burns was amazing. The children really liked your guitar playing and singing too. Thanks very much for a great value, highly entertaining and most suitable experience.