Monday, 15 September 2008

About the show itself

The show is primarily aimed at adults but there is a shorter school version too. The issue is that Burns wrote a great deal of 'adult' material which is not best suited to 10 years there has to be 2 versions. It is in full costume as can be seen here and uses Burns own songs and poems to tell his life story. I take a chronological tour from before his birth until after his death ....suggesting why he wrote some of what he did....reciting the poems and singing the songs. There are several points to this but in the main entertainment and education, which is what I have done all my days. There is an audio visual element with a Powerpoint running behind me on stage. This details various locations important to Burns, gives the words to some songs (audience participation is a must!) and illustrates some of the poems: all of which hopefully increase understanding and improve the experience of the audience.

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