Wednesday, 17 September 2008

St Helen's Primary

Well today went very well! First school and a big success. I intended to combine technology with the old story and judging by the feedback it proved a good mix. Around 45 youngsters and 4 teachers all had good fun, gave some excellent feedback and learned something too!
Alice Quinn the HT subsequently sent me this list, which she thought covered some of what the children had learned..


• King George 11 (1727 - 1760)
• King Edward II ( 1284 - 1327)
• Battle of Killicrankie (1689) Highland clans supporting James II
• Battle of Culloden Moor ( 1746) Highland clans supporting Charles
• Bonnie Prince Charlie
• Jacobites
• Battle of Bannockburn (1314)
• Trip back in time via ‘Tardis’
• Male dress of 18th Cent Scotland


• Inverness
• Places above
• Highlands and Lowlands
• Ayrshire
• Mount Oliphant
• Tarbolton
• Edinburgh
• Dumfries
• Map of Scotland
• Newfoundland
• Jamaica

Poetry and Music

• The Twa Dugs ( social subjects – rich and poor)
• Rantin Rovin Robin
• The Belles of Mauchline ( Rap)
• To a Mouse
• To a Louse
• Scots Wha Hae- tie in with Battle of Bannockburn
• Auld Lang Syne – meaning of song
• Willie Wastle’s Wife – Burns’ humour
• Tam O’ Shanter – classic tale, illustrated by slides
• Kilmarnock Edition Poems
• Edinburgh Edition Poems


• Money raised by sale of both editions (above) – old coinage
• Distances
• Ages
• Shillings / value


Numerous opportunities for discussion and questions. Some of the children’s questions were:

• Was King George II ‘Mad King George?
• What was Burns’ most famous poem? (Debate – give opinion)
• Why did Burns Doctor’s treatment lead to his death rather than a cure?
• How long did Jean Armour live after Burns died?
• How did you ( the presenter) start off in your interest of Burns’ life and work?

Some opportunities for further development:

Research / discussion / writing / Activities

• What is an old clay Biggin?
• What is a ‘keystone’? ( Tam O’ Shanter)
• Why did Meg have to run for the keystone?
• Why was Bonnie Prince Charlie not on the throne?
• What were his followers called and why?
• Why did Highlanders have a bad time after the Battle of Culloden?
• Why did William Burness have to leave his home in the Highlands and come to the Lowlands?
• Where is Newfoundland?
• What is the name of the River in Dumfries?
• On a map of Scotland, plot named places, measure distances.
• What was Burns’ meaning by the lines ‘a man’s a man for a’ that’
• What was Burns’ meaning by the lines ‘the best laid schemes o’ mice and men gang aft agley’?

This truly was ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ and the children learned more in 90 minutes than they would have done in a year.

I would thoroughly recommend that any Primary or Secondary school buy into this tremendous resource
A.Quinn HT St Helen's Primary

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