Monday, 15 September 2008

How do you sell a show...... this one?
I don't know really. There is a market for it out there. I am certain but reaching it is not easy. I have approached some agents and they simply want to add my name to hundreds of others on the books and "see what comes up". That won't work in this case. The audience has to be sought out.
So.....initial ideas are mailing of clubs, societies, and a few schools. School interest is very high but as I still work full-time I can only manage a few at this stage, using them as part of my pilot for the conference presentation (see earlier). As to the rest...I have sent a few hundred brochures out...let's wait and see. I would really love to take this abroad. I am sure it would go a storm in Russia, the USA, Canada....and a host of others but, as a one-man operation I cannot set that up. Ideas anyone?

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