Friday, 29 January 2010

Burns in Airdrie

The Bard and I travelled westwards today to Plains near Airdrie. There we visited the new school of St David's Primary - in its smart premises. We spent a very pleasant hour and half with P5-7 who are very well up on their Burns!

Rantin Rovin Robin

Listening hard

In fact they had held a supper just last night performing songs and poems themselves. At the start they managed to name more than 15 songs and poems - an excellent number as most schools manage only 2 or 3.
The young folks were keen to show off their talents too. They performed the Selkirk Grace, Ae Fond Kiss and extracts from Tam O Shanter! So, well done to them all. I also managed to scare my Louse volunteer! So bravely done to him for being targeted...
Auld Lang Syne

Finally, a huge thanks to the boys who helped me set up and to load the car afterwards, and to the teacher who took the photos!

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