Friday, 22 January 2010

Burns in Dalgety Bay

The Bard and I had a great trip to Dalgety Bay Primary school in Fife today. A busy morning saw 2 shows; one for p3-4 and one for p5,6 & 7 and a special guest appearance at p1-2 assembly! We are both exhausted ;o)

This is a big school and we managed to see lots of youngsters this morning. All were very enthusiastic and well behaved - a credit to the school.

some attentive listeners from p6/7!

For the first time we were asked for some more 'modern' Scots songs with p3/4 so we had some fun with Granny being shoved off the bus - or not- and three craws sitting on a wall!
Three craws sat upon a wa'

p3/4 loved the Louse and well done to the young man who heroically played the Louse's part! Although I think I sacred the living daylights out of him ;o)

I am sure Burns would have loved it! As ever a big thanks to the teachers who took photos and for the biccies and coffee....and a HUGE thanks to the young people who made it all worth while.

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