Monday, 18 January 2010

Burns in Cardenden

The Bard and I visited Cardenden Primary today (currently sharing premises with Denend School) here in Fife to talk to a group of around 50 enthusiastic young people.

This town hosts the Burns Club I am currently president of - Bowhill People's Burns Club - so it was great to see the young people well informed and able to list a good range of works of the Bard. These pupils take part in the annual competition run by the Club and it was wonderful to be able to give them some new ideas for songs and poems.

As ever the Mouse and Twa Dugs were a hit....

....but Lousey caused many laughs this time too!
A classic Burns piece and one well worth the learning for any budding competitors.
The pupils were especially enthusiastic during the singing so well done to them all for that! Finally, a big thanks to the teachers who took the photos for me too.

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